Guardian Filtration Systems



Versatile and reliable recirculatory filtration for electroplating or chemical processing. Material: PVC, CPVC, PP, PVDF. Performance: 5000 - 10,000 gph.

  • Flow rates to 10,000 GPH @ 60 Hz
  • Non-metallic solution contact
  • Choice of pump: magnetic coupled, single or double mechanical seal, self-priming
  • Choice of media: sleeve, cartridge, disc, bag
  • Non-metallic solution contact
  • SS external fasteners
  • Swing bolt chamber closures
  • EPDM elastomers standard, FKM optional
  • Corrosion resistant FRP base
  • Flow control valve between pump and filter
  • Drain valve on filter chamber
  • Industrial duty SERFILCO pump
  • Hard piping and wet testing prior to shipping
  • Corrosion resistant vent valve
  • Silicon carbide seals on mechanical seal pumps
  • Glycerin filled SS316 pressure gauge and guard assembly

Guardian Filtration Systems have gained wide approval for recirculatory purification of most electroplating and chemical process solutions. They have proven to be a reliable workhorse for over three decades. With hundreds of systems in service around the globe, you can be confident a Guardian Filtration System will improve the clarity of your process solutions, increase production quality, and reduce process cost. Choose a basic filtration system with your choice of media, pump and filter chamber. Then select from a wide range of optional equipment to customize your system. Call us and we'll help you select the perfect system for your application.

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