Gepaval S.L.

- Model 2 ECO - Bird Scarer


The GUARDIAN-2 ECO model runs on butane or propane gas. The sonic explosions it produces help to protect crops, fruit trees and any other areas from which you need to frighten away birds and/or any other animals that are harmful to crops. The sonic explosions can be adjusted to go off with the desired frequency, ranging from one minute to half an hour.

Thanks to the special configuration of its canon, the explosions are always at 120 decibels, protecting an area of between 3 and 4 hectares, always subject to the type of crop and orography. The machine activates with a piezo-electronic system and the fact that the rest of the machine is fully mechanical helps to keep any potential faults to a minimum. As is the case with all our models, the machine is zinc-plated, which means it will continue to work even in very adverse weather conditions. Thanks to the reliability and effectiveness of our products, and our extensive experience in manufacturing and distributing them, we can guarantee that this is the best method for protecting your crops.

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