Guidetti S.r.l.

- Model TURBO 625/2 - Pulverizer


TURBO mills have been designed to grind rigid and semi-rigid materials to obtain a fine granule, smaller than 1 mm. The TURBO 625/2 mill is equipped with: A CENTRIFUGAL MILL - Ø 625 - grinding the materials in two phases. A VACUUM FAN. CONTROL BOARD with INVERTER to adjust the mill speed according with the materials to grind; CYCLONE AND ROTATING VALVE.

  • Minerals: Clay, feldspar, coal, graphite, mica, gypsum, marble, lime, calcareous stone, asbestos, ceramic materials;
  • Plastics: Thermoplastics, caoutchouc, rubber, resins, foils, cellulose, regeneration of heterogeneous materials coming from scraps;…
  • Chemical substances: Gelatine, pigments, lamp black, agricultural chemical substances, metallic salts, carbonates,
  • sulphates, chlorides, fertilizers, cellulose derivatives;…
  • Metals: Aluminium, magnesium, copper, tungsten, carbide, chromium oxide, nickel, calcium, metal oxide;…
  • Nourishment: Proteins, starch, cereals, seeds, bran, chaff, vegetables, sugar, chocolate, pectin, extracts, spices, legumes;…
  • Miscellaneous: Wood, bark, peat, straw, leaven, chaff, fibres, bones, glass, wax, oil and greases, filling substances...

  • Length: 1670mm
  • Width: 1120 mm
  • Height: 1300 mm
  • Weight: kg. 1.110,00
  • Production: depends on the material treated
  • Total Installed Power: 43,25 kW – 400 V – 50 Hz

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