Gebr. Schmachtenberg GmbH

Gebr. Schmachtenberg GmbH

Guideways and Wear Plates, Precision Machine Parts


Guideways and Wear plates made of high wear-resistant tool steel grades, - core-hardened up to HRc 60 +/- 2- in µ-precision with an individual length up to 4.600 mm, in the range of a hundreth mm up to 5.250 mm. The optimum fitting of joints and the grinding of sets makes it possible to produce guideways of any desired length. Precision machine parts, e.g. precision nozzle lips for blow off facilities in steel band galvanizing plants, blowing lips in lengths up to 5000 mm for foil coating and special tools for the production of non-woven fabrics, coating guides with a plane parallelism in the range of µ for the coating of magnetic tapes.

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