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Guyson Corporation

- Model RXS900 RB - Robotic Load/Unload


Any time the blast cycle is too short for a human to keep pace, the consequences of misplacement of components are too great or the costs of repetitive manual loading are unacceptable, robotic loading and unloading of an automatic blast machine offers an economical and flexible alternative. Extremely accurate component positioning or indexing of the blast machine and precise orientation of component-holding fixtures is required for a machine-tending robot to work faultlessly. Don’t waste your time with modified hand cabinet designs and blast equipment manufacturers who rely on coast-to-a-stop technology. Integration of digital sensors and position control are essential to successful robot-loaded blast systems.

Guyson is your best resource for robot-ready blasting machinery, and our engineering team will work closely with yours to configure the robot-tended blast system according to the intended work flow, the way you want your people to use the machine and the special requirements of surrounding in-plant conveying or material handling equipment.

From custom-engineered grippers or end-of-arm tooling, to the latest in electronic sensing, scanning or machine vision technology, to the design of a control system that interfaces and supports your in-plant SCADA, remote monitoring or process verification requirements, we can help you make sure your project turns out as envisioned.

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