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- Unique Natural Zeolite Filtration Media



Around the world there is an increasing need for enviromenlally safe methods of providing high-quality drinking water and for the treatment of a wide range of commercial, industrial,and municipal water contamination and air pollution issues. Zeolite is an inorganic micro porous alumino-silicate material with many unique filtration properties including a high cation exchange capacity (CEC). GWT natural zeolite media : is a cost effective, environmentally safe solution for treating both water and air pollution issues.

GWT series unique natural zeolite water filter media is a low-density, natural and environmentally friendly media typically used in gravity or pressure filters for both drinking water filtration and wastewater reclamation applications. This media can provide higher filtration performance, reducing sediment levels to around the 5 micron filtration range.

This water treatment media provides greater solids loading versus sand and multimedia filter configurations allowing for reduced backwash interval frequency and consumption of backwash water which reduces operating and maintenance costs. The media also has a high CEC (cation exchange capacity) for removal of charged contaminants such as certain trace metals and ammonia in the source water.

Available in minimum pallet quantities/truckload/container quantities in 55lb/25 kg bags.

  • Density (lb/ft3): 55
  • Bed depth (inches): 24-30
  • Color: Grey-Green
  • Mesh Size: 14x40

Conditions of Operation

  • Service flow (gpm/ft2): 12-18
  • Backwash flow (gpm/ft2): 11-13
  • Filter Bed Depth: 36' (depending upon flow rate)
  • Gravel Underbed Required
  • Media will need to fully soak prior to initial backwash

Water Treatment:

  • Turbidity Reduction to 3-5 micron tor water filtration systems
  • Removal of heavy metal cations, certain hydrocarbons and other contaminants including bacteria
  • Can be used as a direct replacement media for sand filtration system with 2.8x sediment loading capacity

Waste Water Treatment/Pollution Control:

  • Waste water ammonia removal in municipal/industrial waste water
  • Pollution Control media can increase biological activity, reduce nutrient levels, cut sludge volume and odors. reduce ammonia and BOD levels in ion exchange columns or bed effluent, can be back flushed and regenerated. with ammonia recovered for fertilizer, increases sewerage plant capacity and life cycle.

Radioactive Water Treatment:

  • Nuclear cooling and waste treatment of Cesium and Strontium and site remediation/decontamination

Water Treatment:

  • Turbidity Reduction to 3-5 micron for water nitration systems
  • Removal of heavy metal cations, certain hydrocarbons and other contaminants including bacteria

Aqua Culture / Fishing Industry:

Fish Hatchery water treatment

  • Ammonia control
  • Bioliltration media

Mining :

  • Gas/Odor Removal
  • Absorption and Retention of certain dangerous heavy metals and oils in mining waste water


  • Animal waste treatment / odor control
  • Water clarifier & disinfection
  • Decreases ammonia levels in ponds and water tanks
  • Reclamation of used media for soil fertilizer

Industrial Oil/Gas Applications:

  • Absorbents for oils/hydrocarbon in water and oil spills
  • Filtration of contaminants in natural gas

Air Filtration Applications:

  • Absorbent/ Odor Control for industrial/commercial/municipal application (Mercury, Dioxins, Mercaptans, Hydrogen Sulfide)

Horticulture: (Plant Nurseries/Greenhouse)

  • Turbidity reduction
  • Water Clarifier / Physical nitration barrier for bacteria control
  • Reclamation/re-vegetation (used media can be used as potting soil for plants, etc.)

  • Cost-effective replacement for sand, garnet & multimedia
  • Lower pressure drop for a given flow rate (gpm/ft2)
  • High CEC (cation exchange capacity) for ion exchange of charged contaminants (dissolved metals, sodium, ammonia)
  • Highest solids loading reduces backwash interval frequency and consumption of backwash water
  • Superior filtration performance at high flux rates
  • All natural, environmentally safe product
  • Low Density media reduces shipping and handling costs

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