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GWT Series Sorb-PM is a unique natural organic absorbent medium product. This product is an environmentally friendly solution used for oil and chemical spills and bioremediation applications for contaminated soil and water sources. Sorb-PM is a specialized natural peat fiber that is a non-toxic absorbent in both non-absorbed and absorbed forms.

The composition of Sorb-PM allows it to work effectively to handle spills and remediation of over 71 different petroleum-based chemicals and solvents including:

  • Crude Oil
  • Motor Oils
  • Petroleum Fuels
  • Phenol
  • Among Many Others
GWT Series Sorb-PM absorbent medium is a highly effective natural encapsulator of spill contaminants to drastically reduce the spread into the soil or water environment. The medium will convert any petroleum based liquid or crude oil into a dry solid substance immediately upon contact. This medium will not tend to stick to animals or plant life and will not leave a residue in these applications.

For existing contaminated soil applications, the specialized bacteria strains in the GWT Sorb- PM medium are exclusively prepared for use in remediating hydrocarbons and other organics in polluted soil, marsh, and swamp areas. To provide optimal performance of these specialized bacterias under the roughest conditions, they are formulated and combined with concentrated stimulants and nutrients. GWT Sorb-PM can significantly reduce a varied range of hydrocarbons including crude oil, diesel, benzene, gasoline, toluene, xylene, kerosene, and jet fuels, etc.

This biodegradable medium is a cost-effective specialized bioremediation absorbent that can be incinerated due to its high BTU value or it can be disposed of in a typical landfill.

Physical Properties:
  • Density: (lb/ft3) 9-10
  • Color: Brown
  • Appearance: Fine Granular
  • Specific Gravity: .5 - .75
Dependent upon application, the GWT Sorb-PM can be used in the following applications:
  • Polluted Soil Bioremediation (Ex-Situ)
  • Surface Water
  • Wetlands
  • Marsh or Swamp Environments
  • Canals
  • Asphalt Surfaces

There is no typical standard dosage practice for bioremediation of contaminated soils, since contamination levels can vary from location to location. However, there are some procedures which should be respected to obtain the optimal absorption and degradation rates of these organic toxins. Bioremediation of contaminated soils may take place in an ex-situ approach, such as a lined treatment cell so that the runoff resulting from the degradation of the wastes can be contained and collected. Typically, the soil is treated in depths of 8 to 12 inches (.2 m - .3 m) per treatment cell to allow maximum oxygen contact in the soil by the microbes. This oxygen transfer is usually provided through the use of a soil tilling process and allows for the critical contact needed between the bacterial cultures and the organic pollutants within the soil. Nutrient levels, Soil pH, moisture content, oxygen availability, contaminant involved, and their concentrations are critical to the success of a bioremediation process.

To clean up small areas contaminated with petroleum or crude oils, the typical rate of (1) pound (.45 kg) per one hundred square feet of contaminated soil. Rake or till the soil to promote oxygen transfer. Repeat application as necessary. For typical sites with deeper soil pollution, use 100 lbs.

(46 kg) per 100cu. yards (91 cu. meters) of soil, pilot testing for 2-3 weeks would determine more or less the correct dosing requirements. Repeated applications may be required for heavily polluted soils. GWT Sorb-PM can be spread on the soil with suitable seed or fertilizer spreading equipment or via another suitable method for marsh or swamp area applications.

Use in accordance with all Federal and local regulations.

Results will depend upon soil types, oxygen transfer, and climate conditions, testing is recommended to determine actual optimal dosage.

Enhanced Ex-Situ Biocell Bioremediation

Polluted Water Application instructions:
GWT Sorb-PM has high absorption and bioremedial degradation rates. Only one 18 lb (8.2 kg) bag will be able to solidify up to 6 gallons (23 liters) of petroleum-based chemicals or crude oil from contaminated surface water.

GWT Sorb-PM medium can be used in conjunction with GWT Sorb-Z for both soil and water remediation issues.

  • Deep Cleans Soils
  • Reduces Pollution Liability
  • High Absorption/Biological Remediation Capability for Soil and Water Applications
  • Unique Natural Encapsulation Process
  • Non Leaching and Water Repellant
  • Lowers Disposal Costs

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