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Chlorine dioxide(ClO2) is a technology which has been historically applied at large scale (recirculation) cooling water systems. Additionally, chlorine dioxide generators are being increasingly used as an alternative to chlorine generators in water treatment/disinfection processes, as they release lower quantities of toxic impurities into the atmosphere as compared to conventional chlorine based generators and hence also require lower dosing numbers. Chlorine dioxide generates the product in situ which prevents storage of the product or risks of exposure to high concentration of the product, it has proven to be a safe technology.

  • Excellent effectiveness against biofilms and algae
  • Effective at low dosage rates in contaminated systems compared to alternative biocides
  • Non-Reactive with Organics to form THMs
  • Non-reactive with ammonia-nitrogen
  • Disinfection is less dependent on pH
  • Effective over a broad pH range
  • Does not react with triazole corrosion inhibitors

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