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prevent biofouling issues, H2O developed the EcodosingTM methodology. The Ecodosing method results in a dosing procedure which is tailored to the specific local requirements to prevent biofouling settlement and growth. This will reduce the overall chemical dosing up to 50% which results in significant O&M cost benefits. In addition, since Ecodosing requires less biocide and guarantees effective control of biofouling, its use can result in a significant (up to 50%) reduction in environmental impact. This allows a company to contribute to environmental sustainability by helping preserve the local natural environment. Ecodosing works with all type of biocides and is capable to control all type of biofouling species, it will also prevent settlement of biofouling larvae.

Our services can be used effectively with any biofouling control product, including all oxidizing or non-oxidizing biocides. This gives you a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional biofouling-control dosing practices.

Finally, our system can work with any type of fouling species. It’s not limited to mussels or oysters. Our method allows us to tailor our solutions to fit any local fouling species, including barnacles, hydroids and tubular worms.

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The Ecodosing principle has been successfully implemented at several industrial service water systems (e.g. Power Plants) for the past 20 years. Results have been published (Polman et. al. 2002, 2010, 2012). The principle behind Ecodosing has been declared as “BAT” (Best Available Technology) under the terms of the 'EU Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control' (IPPC) for macro-fouling mitigation with hypochlorite in once-through cooling water systems (BAT-service: European IPPC bureau Sevilla, Document on the application of Best Available Techniques to Industrial Service Systems, Nov. 2000 (http://eippcb.jrc.es) BREF (11.00) Service systems).

Ecodosing benefits include:

  • Complete biofouling control in intake and (cooling) water systems
  • Ecodosing can be applied with all biocides; it’s not restricted to chlorine
  • Maintain a clean intake and water system from commissioning onwards!
  • Reduced biocide requirement to an absolute minimum
  • Reduced environmental impact, up to 50% reductions in e.g. FRC/Bromoform discharges
  • Accepted method by most water authorities
  • Reduced CAPEX investment (10-30%)
  • Reduced Operational and Maintenance costs (30-60%)
  • Optimal dosing system design
  • Direct insight in efficacy using biomonitoring systems

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