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IFT - Institute of Fluid Technologies

H2S Analyser


The H2S concentration can directly be measured inside the liquid phase by the H2S Wastewater monitoring system of the ECH GmbH. This system works exact and reproducible. The potential produced H2S can be determined. The matrix compounds inside the sample do not effect the measurement, this is due to the indirect dosing into the extraction module.The fact that no sample preparation is needed makes this method also easy to handle. The equipment is very compact and user-friendly and therefore perfect for the daily analytics. The system is designed for online process control and the regulation of dosing pumps inside wastewater treatment plants. Due to the exact and direct measurement of sulphide/ H2S concentration inside the wastewater it is possible to dose the chemicals exact on time. This drastically reduces H2S emissions coming from wastewater systems and thereby saves significant amounts of operation costs.


Operating principle of the protective induction system
In order to reduce H2S emissions to the canalisation the flowing wastewater is treated with an alternating modulated magnetic field. The inserted pulsed energy reduces or avoids the sewer film (responsible for the formation of H2S). The implemented principle for the Fluid-Liner® is easy to install because the inductors can be wrapped around the pipe. What makes this system special is the variable frequency spectrum that is directly inserted into the pipe flow. By means of pulse flow it is possible to achieve abrupt changes and elevations of flow especially next to the pipe wall. Temporarily it is even possible to enforce a flow reversal inside the pipeline.

Situation after the initial operation of the des Sulphox-4-Method
The concentration of H2S in the air inside the sewer is significantly reduced and on the same time a reduction concentration of orthophosphate was measured in the wastewater. The chemical was optimised and the new product (Iron precipitation) acts beneficial for the operation of the sewage plant. It was shown that by the application of pulsation, depositions can be avoided and chemicals can be used more efficient. All in all the operation costs for this application were reduced by 60%.

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