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Gastreatment Services (GTS)

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SOXSIA® (Sulphur Oxidation and Siloxane Adsorption) is a catalyst, for the adsorption of siloxanes from biogas in combination with H2S removal from dry gas. The favourable adsorption properties result in high-adsorption capacity and removal efficiency for contaminants present at moderate concentrations in gas flows. The selected extruded particle shape allows a low pressure drop over the adsorber. SOXSIA® is designed to hold 40% more siloxanes per unit of volume and is able to convert H2S to elementary sulphur. SOXSIA® can hold up to 26% of it’s own weight on elementary sulphur.

For the removal of Gastreatment Services delivers two systems: H2S removal with SOXSIA® and with active carbon.

Active carbon
The removal of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from biogas with ‘Darco H2S ‘activated carbon requires a thin water layer in the carbon pore structure to promote the reaction between H2S and the carbon surface. The required relative humidity (RH) is 30%~100%; the optimal relative humidity is 60~70%. For the working is a minimum oxygen concentration 4 x the H2S concentration on molar basis required. ‘Darco H2S’ is a non-impregnated granular activated carbon specially developed for H2S from biogas. It is produced by steam activation and has increased pore volume for adsorption of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan odours. This process, used to activate ‘Darco H2S’, produces an activated carbon with about twice the mesopore and macropore volume that exists in the previous generation activated carbon for H2S removal.

Active carbon or SOXSIA®-installations

  • gas drying installations for reducing the relative humidity to 60%~70%
  • standard vessels  for active carbon or SOXSIA®
  • air-injection installations
  • bypass schemes based on H2S concentration analysis
  • biogas compressor installations

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