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- Model HTB - Standard Type Belt Filter Press Combined Rotary Drum Thickener



Widely used in a variety of industries, the HTB belt filter press combines the thickening and dewatering processes into an integrated machine for sludge and wastewater treatment. HAIBAR's belt filter presses are 100% designed and manufactured in house, and feature a compact structure in order to treat different types and capacities of sludge and wastewater. Our products are well known throughout the industry for their high efficiency, low energy consumption, low polymer consumption, cost saving performance and long service life. An HTB series belt filter press is a standard filter press featuring rotary drum thickening technology.

  1. Integrated rotary drum thickening and dewatering treatment processes
  2. Wide range of normal applications
  3. The best performance is found when the inlet consistency is 1.5-2.5%.
  4. Installation is easy due to the compact structure and normal sizes.
  5. Automatic, continuous, simple, stable and safe operation
  6. Operation is environmentally friendly due to the low energy consumption and low noise levels.
  7. Easy maintenance ensures the longevity of operation.
  8. The patented flocculation system reduces the polymer consumption.
  9. 7 to 9 segmented press rollers support different treatment capacities with the best treatment effect.
  10. The pneumatic adjustable tension achieves an ideal effect in compliance with treatment processes.
  11. A galvanized steel rack can be customized when the belt width reaches more than 1500mm.

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