- Model CB40 - Concrete Breakers



The Danuser Hammer model CB40 has a 40” drop hammer design that breaks up to 9” thick reinforced concrete. This low maintenance concrete breaker achieves a full stroke with every cycle, delivering 82,000 lbs of impact force. An innovative anti-dry fire feature prevents unnecessary firing which improves the durability of the machine. This is a great product for the industrial or commercial job site. Ideal for the demolition of parking lots, foundations, flooring, sidewalks, curbs, and more! Have a Hammer Post Driver already? Convert your post driver into a Hammer Concrete Breaker with the CB40 Breaker Kit


Impact Force: 82,000 lbs.
Length of Stroke: 40
Hammer Weight: 500
Strokes per Minute: 35

Overall Length 45.5'
Overall Width 25'
Overall Height 64'
Machine Weight 1080 lbs
Hammer Weight 500 lbs
Length of Stroke 40'
Max. Strokes per Minute 35
Requirements 1,500-3,000 PSI
*12-30 GPM
Maximum Concrete Thickness 9'
Impact Force 82,000 lbs
Impact Energy 1,709 ft-lbs

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