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Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction is a post-combustion technology that is designed to control nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions from boilers by the injection of ammonia or urea reagents into the flue gas. Hamon Research-Cottrell is licensed by Exxon Mobil for the application of ammonia based Thermal DeNox™ (TDN).

Our objective to satisfy our customers’ expectations is fulfilled thanks to the constant improvement of our production processes. HAMON D’HONDT allocates a large part of resources and efforts in research and development to improve our products continuously.

HAMON D’HONDT employs a highly skilled personnel in order to offer global solutions from thermal and mechanical design, detailed engineering to fabrication, testing and on-site assistance. HAMON D’HONDT has

  • a highly experienced group of designers equipped with latest HTRI® (Heat Transfer Research Inc.) thermal rating program and CAD stations, and
  • project teams specialized in mechanical engineering, structural engineering, and mechanism engineering

HAMON D’HONDT is able to perform efficiently in house large scientific and technical calculations, 2D-3D drafting works, Finite Elements Analysis and project control tasks with its wide library of scientific programs and computing hardware.

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