- Model 593 - Solid Dissolver System


Solenoid activated gravity feed system providing diluted solution of one solid product as demanded by the system controller.

  • Designed for non-pressurized systems (boiler feed water tanks or cooling towers)
  • Mounted on a panel for integrated functioning
  • Runs on line water pressure (2-3 bar)
  • Includes adjustable pressure gauge and removable filter
  • Atmospheric siphon included for backflow protection
  • Low voltage: 24VAC solenoid
  • Dimensions: 304.8mm x 254mm
  • Weight: 2.2kg

  • Easy to install - mount the back panel using four screws, attach the solenoid transformer to the system controller and the unit is ready to work
  • Economical performance - by integrating components and using gravity feed, the unit provides the lowest cost method (no feed pump required) of taking advantage of all the benefits of Chem-Aqua's HANIDCHEM™ solid chemistry
  • Specialized spray nozzle technology - spray nozzles are moulded polypropylene to avoid chemical attack. HANDIFEED equipment includes Chem-Aqua approved nozzles that will provide optimum dissolution and are compatible with all products from the HANIDPAK range

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