Netsens s.r.l.

Netsens s.r.l.

- Portable Sensor Reader



Compatibile with: Humidity sensor and temperature soil TerraSense, Humidity sensor and temperature air. Item code: PN-0054-CC.

SR1 portable sensor reader is designed for on-field measurement of soil water content, using TerraSense SMT2 sensors. It features back-lighted LCD display and high accuracy sensor outputs are available in few seconds.

The device can also display all sensor output channels (such as soil temperature) and is powered with a standard 9V battery (with low battery alert).

  • Auto shut-off: 20 sec. from last operation
  • High contrast backlighted LCD display
  • Two function keys (scroll up-down)
  • Acustic keyboard feedback
  • Battery type: 9VDC - PP3 type

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