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- Model SM1200 - Shredders for plastic

Plastic Shredding is an integral part of the recycling of plastics.,the recycling of plastics is not the easiest operation due to the vast amount of different plastics, often combined with additives and fillers. Input plastic material for Shredding can be very different in both their physical properties, their dimensions and overall shape. For this reason it is very important to select the correct machine for each application. You should consider not only the required throughput, but also if the machine is able to handle the proportions of the plastic to be recycled.

This usually includes rejected part sprues/runners, lumps and purgings. These are a classic example of the differences in physical properties and dimensions mentioned above.


HARDEN Recycling Machinery offer a wide range of Shredders for plastics,Granulators and Pulverizers suitable for the smallest parts right through to bulky items such as thick walled pipes. Our machines can be used for size reduction down to chips, flakes,granules and even powders.

Post consumer recycling is one of the fastest growing markets, caused by shortage of resources and soaring energy costs. New products are made from daily waste we produce. One example is the recycling of PET bottles into yarns and fibres for the textile industry. On the other hand waste with good caloric value is turned into fuels for boilers, cement kilns, power plants and so on.

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