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- Model TD612 - Double shaft shredder for sale


Harden has the experience of the manufacturers from Germany and Italy with 16 years of develpment in China. Two shaft shredders reduce size of materials via shear, tear, and crush.We know what is the most suitable parameters for shredding many kinds of solid waste according the data of hundreds of test and projects we have done. Not only reliable shredding machines we offered, also systemic design is our speciality. The whole systems will suit to your plants and applications perfectly.

Shredding structure

1. Rotor knives: shredding material

2. Spacer: control the space of rotor


3. Stator knives: Prevent the material

    wrap the rotor knives.

TD612 is a very hot sales model for all kinds of scrap metals recycling works and industrial waste shredding. The size of cutting chamber and the shredding force is especially fit waste iron sheet, steel tile, aluminum sheet and blocks size reduction. The throughput range is 3~4 tons per hour. We built several medical (hospital) waste shredding systems for Chinese medical waste disposal centers. One unit includes one elevating feeder, steam boiler, primary shredder, secondary shredder, and conveying system. Also TD612 is good at MSW shredding with a high throughput range. MSW disposal and recycling industrials require lots of every year in China.

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