Harden Machinery Ltd.

- Model TDH1618 - Primary Shredder


Harden coarse shredder with dual powerful hydraulic drivers designed for various kinds of bulk waste disposal. It's widely used in MSW diposal plants, biomass power stations and RDF processing systems as an indispensable primary shredder. Strong shafts, bearings, chamber, cutters in high-strength wearproof alloy with surface strengthening welding come out a real industrial shredder. Hydraulic power controlled by smart programs of PLC and converter results high efficiency shredding effects.

Model TDH1618 TDH1826
Chamber size mm 1600×1800 1800×2600
Rotating speed rpm 0-24 0-24
Installed power kW 180-250 200-500
Torque KNm 130 160
Hydraulic control Torque auto-enhance Torque auto-enhance
Weight kg 16000 20000
Throughput t/h 30-50 50-80

Hydraulic motors POCLAIN (French)
Cooling system Water cooling for hydraulic system
Main pump DANFOSS (American)
NO.of main pumps Double pumps system
Type of main pump Variable pump with constant power
Vice pump DANFOSS (American)
NO.of vice pumps One
Type of vice pump Variable pump with constant power
System pressure(bar) 335
Main CPU SIEMENS (German)
Hydraulic control components SCHNEIDER (French)

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