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- Model TDH912 - Waste Shredder


Harden has the experience of the manufacturers from Germany and Italy with 16 years of develpment in China. Two shaft shredders reduce size of materials via shear, tear, and crush.We know what is the most suitable parameters for shredding many kinds of solid waste according the data of hundreds of test and projects we have done. Not only reliable shredding machines we offered, also systemic design is our speciality. The whole systems will suit to your plants and applications perfectly.

Model: TDH912

Motor Power (kw):132

Optional Knifie Thickness(mm): 900x1250

Size of Cutting Chamber (AxB)(mm): 900x1250

Machine Dimension ((LxWxH)(mm)): 4200x1700x3200

  • Industrial waste
  • Medical waste 
  • Household (MSW) and commercial waste
  • Residual timber
  • Scrap wood (such as construction timber,...)
  • Compressed plastic bales 
  • Bulky waste
  • and many more

THD series hydraulic motor driven two shaft shredders are used for heavy-duty shredding of tough materials like metals, aluminum profiles, metal scraps, automobile scrap, copper cable, and ragger wire of paper mill waste.

The most advanced feature is that the shredder can turn forward and revers without stopping motors at anytime. Powerfully shredding force is generated by hydraulic unit with dynamic-changing rotating speed and torque. HARDEN shredders are equipped with hydraulic system and motor for highly reliable performance and low maintenance cost. THD series shredder can be integrated into mobiles recycling systems. A complete car scrap can be fed into the huge shredding chamber with openings of 1300~1600 mm in length. Relentless shredding force destroy and smash any solid waste quickly and smartly.


Harden Industries Ltd. dedicates to develop and produce solid waste shredders and recycling equipment, your trustworthy manufacturer in China (ISO 9001 & CE certificated). We emphasize the quality of both production and sale service, devote to effectuate your shredding and recycling expectations.

We accumulate the experience from hundreds of application for many years. Our responsible technical support and reliable equipments had gained widely agreements in the global market. “What's the best and the most economical way we can do?” This is the question we are honestly solving for you.a

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