- Model Duo - Combination Chipper Shredders


The Hardmet Landforce Duo combination chipper shredders are priced to compete with dedicated single use machines. If you're an arboriculturalist, tree surgeon, contractor or hire company, a Duo chipper/shredder is the machine for you, offering flexibility where it's needed. These are very rugged dual-purpose machines that deal with everything from large branches to light brush. With the shredder, brash and waste materials are processed to form materials for mulch, compost or recycling for on-site use. Chippings from the chipper can be used as mulch or to reduce material volume for off-site disposal.

You can feed the chipper and the shredder at the same time for maximum time efficiency. Push the sweepings and other detritus through the shredder to get your crews away as effectively as possible at the end of the day.

The shredder element of the Duo machines is a helical flight design, combining low power consumption with aggressive action. Designed for lower noise operation, both the chipper and shredder lacerate the incoming material to reduce volume and promote rapid decomposition. The flywheel chipper on all models is fed via hydraulic powered rollers that automatically cut the feed to the chipper when the engine speed drops below a preset limit, reducing the chance of blockages.

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