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Chell Instruments Ltd.

- Model 200 Series - Medium Capacity Flowmeters and Controllers



The HFM/HFC Series of flow instruments is based on a modular design. At the heart of each instrument is an insulated thermal transfer sensor which provides enhanced zero stability. This sensor is designed to be removable/replaceable in the field to virtually eliminate long down time due to clogging. Additionally, the HFM/HFC design features an integral filter and an easily replaceable closed loop electronics card.* The HFC also features a two-stage, pilot-operated control valve. All of these standard features, when coupled with the instrument’s inherent linear response to flow changes and THI’s long-proven reputation for quality, result in the finest flowmeters and flow controllers available today.

  • ±1% of Full-Scale Accuracy
  • Proven Reliability
  • Range — 30 to 500 slm (Air Equivalent)

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