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Hatches can to be installed on chute, not only for inspection but also for maintenance of components inside. Different hatches are used in different applications. When using the inspection hatch in places where there is a risk of injuries, e.g. in bucket elevators, a hatch with a protective steel wire mesh must be selected.

Features and values

  • Dustproof.
  • Easy to install.
  • Multipurpose.

Model – MEP 12


This hatch with rubber cover enables dustproof installation of cleaners, pulleys and other shafted equipment. Recommended for places where good sealing properties are required, but where no pressure shock exists.

Key specifications

  • Chute opening: 255x355 mm
  • Hatch opening: 250x350 mm

Model – MEP13


This hot-galvanized cover hatch is meant for places where heavy pressure shocks call for strength and reliable sealing properties. The locking system is fixed to the center of the cover ensuring a constant sealing pressure. Four different types according to opening.

Key specifications

  • Chute opening: 4 sizes mm
  • Hatch opening: 4 sizes mm
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