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- Semi-Mounted Bale Trailers



The semi-mounted model is designed and manufactured according to our long experience and recognized know-how. It is available with a 6 m, 8 m and 10 m length with hydraulic brakes on all axles. Rounded ladders of 150 cm high (+ 80 cm available as an option) make it easier to transport bales. Finally, the rigid drawbar is strengthened by two reinforcements welded on each side as well as to the chassis.

Hitching comfort

The Hauswirth bale trailers and low loaders benefit from an increased hitching comfort thanks to the stand for semi-mounted models.


The construction is based on the Hauswirth design with a chassis with homogeneous strains working in the tensile limit of the steel, which ensures a maximisation of the payload.

Good holding capacities of the load

A 4 cm edge, a floor in chequered plate and 2 reels to fasten and tighten the cords make sure the load is held very efficiently.

Narrow chassis

It is possible to fit the bale trailer with wider wheels (up to 55 cm) thanks to the design of our narrow chassis.

Tool box

A secured box with lock can be mounted on the trailer in order to store the tools, documents and accessories you may need.

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