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Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

- 1st Response Collector Pouch


Haz-Hammock is an emergency response containment pouch that can be quickly attached to a leaking tanker truck or tank car. This 55 gallon capacity, polypropylene “bathtub” shaped poly-pouch is designed to handle acids, caustics, solvents, and fuels for many hours. The Haz-Hammock weighs only 15 lbs. and comes equipped with poly drain valve and 3/4″ NPT fitting and poly belts or ropes for quick mounting. This strap-on design allows the leaking vessel to be relocated to minimize traffic or social disruption during emergencies. Reusable or disposable.

We have all seen or used “baby pools” that have been marketed for years to contain Haz-Mat releases under emergency situations. They have one major flaw. They cannot be moved until they are pumped out. Once a response team places these flimsy containments under a leaking situation, nothing can move and this area now becomes a traffic bottleneck and hazardous emergency perimeters must be set up. With the TESI Haz-Hammock™, you can attach this 55-gallon capacity poly-pouch to the leaking vessel in a matter of minutes with minimum exposure of your workers. The vessel with the emergency containment hanging on it can now be relocated to another area where it will cause less interruption to community safety and you can re-open your main railroad line or highway to traffic.

The Haz-Hammock™ is a 15-pound, polypropylene “bathtub” shaped pouch that is equipped with quick connect ropes or belts so that two trained responders can affix it to a leaking vessel in a matter of minutes with only limited exposure to the leaking material. When this pouch fills, it can easily be drained through a polypropylene, quarter-turn valve at the bottom and an NPT coupling is supplied for a hose connection. Some models have strong magnets in pockets on the upper edges for making the Haz-Hammock™ hug tightly against steel tank plate and limit release of vapors. This 4 ft. by 6 ft. by 18 inch deep pouch is made of fiber-reinforced polypropylene so it is flexible, very strong, and is resistant to nearly every acid, caustic, solvent, and other chemicals. It is priced so that if disposal is needed, it will not be a financial problem or it can be cleaned up and repacked for later service.

In years past, CSX Transportation has specified that all of their Haz-Mat responder teams have at least one Haz-Hammock™ in their response trucks. The New Jersey State Police have them pre-positioned along their I-95 chemical shipping corridor so that when a traffic accident involves a chemical shipper, they can get a team out quickly, install the Haz-Hammock™ and then get the vehicle off the interstate to a side road for remediation.

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