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Model HD2306 - Thermometer



The Conductivity meter – Thermometer Model HD2306.0 is a portable instrument, fitted with a large LCD display for excellent visualization of the measured data, that allows measurement of the following: conductivity; liquid resistivity; total dissolved solids (TDS); with combined 4-ring or 2-ring conductivity/temperature probes. Temperature only is measured by Pt100 or Pt1000 immersion, penetration or contact probes. The probe calibration can be performed automatically in one or more of the 147μS, 1413μS, 12880μS or 111,800μS/cm conductivity calibration solutions (see chapter 4). Using the Max, Min and Avg function of this instrument respectively obtains the maximum, minimum or average values.

Other available functions are:

  • the relative measurement REL;
  • the automatic turning off which can also be disabled.

  1. Input for probes, 8-pole DIN45326 connector.
  2. Battery symbol: displays the battery charge level.
  3. Function indicators.
  4. Secondary display line.
  5. DATA/ENTER key: during normal operation displays the maximum (MAX), the minimum (MIN) and the average (AVG) of current measurements. To reset the previous values and restart with a new measurement session, press DATA until the message 'FUNC CLR' appears, then use the arrows to select YES and confirm using ENTER. In the menu, confirms the current selection.
  6. χ/TDS key: selects the display of conductivity, resistivity, or total dissolved solids (TDS); in the menu, resets the value set with the arrows. In calibration mode, allows you to exit calibration.
  7. key: in the menu, increases the current value. In calibration mode, increases the displayed nominal buffer value.
  8. °C/°F/MENU key: it allows selection of the unit of measurement; when pressed together with the DATA key, it allows to open the menu. To exit the menu, press the MENU key at any time.
  9. CAL: starts the calibration procedure.
  10. REL key: enables the relative measurement (displays the difference between the current value and the logged value when the key is pressed); press the key again to return to the normal measurement. In the menu, decreases the current value. In calibration mode, decreases the displayed nominal buffer value.
  11. ON-OFF/AUTO-OFF key: turns the instrument on and off.
  12. MAX (maximum value), MIN (minimum value) and AVG (average value) symbols.
  13. Main display line.
  14. Line for symbols and comments.

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