Purgo EnviroTech, (PET)

Purgo EnviroTech, (PET)

- Model ST Series - Headspace and Liquid Disinfection Tank



Our SafeTank provides tank headspace and liquid contents pathogen and biofilm control in recirculation or flow-through applications. The 254 nanometre germicidal wave length radiated from the UV lamp deactivates organisms such as parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites, rendering them incapable of replication.

  • The UV treatment process does not produce any disinfection by-products, change the chemical balance of the tank liquid and maintenance personnel cannot overdose.
  • When ozonation is used as the primary disinfection agent for flow through or recirculation liquids, UV can be used to eliminate any residual ozone.
  • UV eliminates free Chlorine and Chloramines present in makeup water derived from Municipal fresh water sources. UV also provides disinfection of the source water.

Spectral Innovations Ltd., (SIL), manufactures a series of Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection Systems for treating tank headspaces and/or liquid contents used in beverage and food manufacturing. The heart of our SafeTank™ UV Disinfection System is our high efficiency electroninc ballast and high output ultraviolet lamp. The UV lamp assembly is manufactured from Electropolished 316L stainless steel to provide a high corrosion resistance as well as its recognition as a material used for sanitary applications.

The UV lamp assembly is generally mounted on the top of the tank but all Models can be mounted on the tank side except for the ST01C12L. Access the UV lamp in just two seconds with our proprietary waterproof bayonet fittings. A modified Nema 4 industrial control panel houses the electronic ballasting and circuitry as well as an hour meter to track operating hours of the system. An illuminated “Power” switch and “Lamp” on indicator are provided on the front panel.

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