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Model 4000VM - Heated Vacuum Chemiluminescence



The 4000VM relies on the heated vacuum chemilumenscence method of nitric oxide gas detection and has the capability to measure raw combustion exhaust gases. The 4000VM featrues a 191 degree C heated sampling system and filter which is easily removed from the rear panel for cleaning or replacement. This NO/ NOx gas analyzer also features a cooled photomultiplier detector for absolute stabilityand low level sensitivity, temperature-controlled reaction chamber and a two-year life neon ozonator lamp. As part of a system, measurement can be made of NO/NO2/NH3 to sub-ppm levels without loss of NO2 or dilution errors. Appropriate for new permit catalyst, SCR and gas turbine applications and combustion research.

The new compact model 4000VM Oxides of Nitrogen Gas Analyzer is designed for the continuous monitoring of NO and NOx gas for combustion research and compliance monitoring in industrial and automotive and gas turbine applications.

The gas analyzer has a totally automatic microprocessor-based operation including auto-stertup, auto-calibration, auto-range, internal parameter monitoring and alarms. This makes the instrument ideal as a 'smart' stand-alone unit or as a 'building block' for systems integration via a RS-232 communications port or remote contact closures. Automatic diagnostics and fully-configurable alarms are also integral to the gas analyzer. Standard analog outputs are scaled simultaneous 0-10VDC and 4-20mA for NO concentration and range ID voltage level.

A large multifunction, backlit LCD provides a clear display of gas NOx concentration measurement, range, sample gas flowrate and the status of critical operating parameters including sample flow, pressure, temperature, DC and bias power supplies. The intuitive, menu-driven interface and soft key buttons enable the operator to quickly configure and control the monitor's function. The unit features 19' rack mounting at 3 RU height external vacuum and bypass pumps and a total weight of 73 Lb. It has a dual voltage capability of 115 Vac and 230 Vac which is switchable from the rear panel.

  • Detector Type: Heated Reaction Chamber, Cooled Photomultiplier Tube Sensor
  • Gas Sample System: Stainless Steel, 191 degree C filter and flow control components
  • Reaction Chamber: 65 degree C Stainless Steel reaction chamber
  • Ranges: 0-4, 10, 40, 100, 400, 1000, 4000, 10000 ppm NO / NOx, Auto-ranging standard
  • Response Time: 1.5s (T5 to T95)
  • Gas Flow Rate: 0.5 to 3.0 lpm
  • Inlet Pressure: (-5.0) to 7.0 psig, calibration gas: -5 to 15 psig
  • Accuracy and Repeatability: +/- 1% of range or 0.2ppm
  • Temperature Effects: Zero: <+/- 0.5% from 5 to 35 degrees C, Span: <+/- 0.33% per degreeC
  • Detector Noise: <+/- 0.5ppm or 0.1% of range
  • Linearity: < 2.0% of point or 1.0% FS
  • NOX Gas Converter Efficiency: Greater than 95%, test with NOXGEN tester
  • Remote Control: Range, calibration and standby mode via contact closure or RS-232
  • Outputs: 0-10VDC and isolated 4-20mA concentration and range ID voltage level
  • Logic Outputs: Range, calibration, gas path, mode and readiness
  • Alarms: Two configurable concentration alarms, logic outputs and one fault contact set
  • Power: Dual voltage 115/230 VAC +/- 15%, switch-selectable, 600VA max.
  • Environment: Temperature: 5-40 degrees C, 95%RH, non-condensing
  • Dim: 19' rack-mount, 3RU (133.5mm) height, 525mm depth, 35Kg weight
  • Options: NOXGEN Tester, NO/NO2/NOx Fast Switching Measurement
  • Warranty: 2 Years Parts, labor and complimentary maintenance service

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