Heating and Cooling Systems


Heating  is an important working area for Certhon. We have all the facilities in-house to develop and optimise systems. From engineering through to production, from installation through to maintenance. And so our knowledge is second to none when it comes to the pros and cons of the various techniques.

Specific solutions per project
We develop a solution in keeping with your needs as a client, the specific crop and the climatological preconditions. A tailor-made solution which does justice to your ideas on returns and sustainability. Thanks to the scope of our range, we are able to offer you the optimum heating infrastructure for each project. It may use conventional heating techniques, or it may deploy more innovative, and sometimes revolutionary, methods.
We take no risks at all throughout the design process. We are pleased to share our know-how of systems, crops and climate with you, in order to arrive at an effective programme of requirements. Advanced computer programs calculate exactly what is facing you in the practical situation. From basic heating plans to CO2 dosage, from heat storage to flue gas condensers and from hoistable heating frames to combined heat and power. Not only in new constructions but also in renovation.

Specialist in heat pumps and solar

Certhon was once a fitter, which soon switched to the installation of heat pumps and underground storage of cold and heat. Even now we still lead the field in know-how and technology. Solar systems are yet another specialism. Certhon has developed its own solar collector which is specifically suitable for horticultural applications. It offers specific advantages in crops which require plenty of radiation in daytime and where the nights can be cold, such as in Mexico, Africa and other high altitude and desert-like production areas.

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