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Heating Elements


The tubular sheathed element is a quasi universal solution used for the heating of solids, liquids or gaz via JOULE EFFECT up to about 800°C. It can operate as immersion heaters for the fluid heating through natural or forced convection located in bores or flanged against a metallic part, the sheathed element allows the transfer of its energy via conduction or radiation.

WP+: Waterproof sealing.The most standard one.Excellent sealing that guarantees insulation in case of prolonged storage or application in moisture conditions. Maximum admitted connection temperature a 160°C
TM : Cost effective solution operational up to a connection temperature of 350 °C in environnement exempt from moisture
HT : High temperature,no water-tight sealing,operational up to a connection temperature of450°C, in atmospheres exempt from moisture.

Tube Ø
6,5 - 6,8 - 8 - 8,5 10,2 - 16 - 18 – 22 (mm)

Length : up to 6 m

Surface Load : up to 20 W/cm2

Voltage : up to 750 V

Threaded rod
M4 or M6 for Ø8
M5 for Ø8,5
M5 or M6 for Ø10,2
M6 for Ø16
Spade terminal
Clamping screw
Copper lead
Nickel lead

Three-piece union
Crimped threaded union
Brazed threaded union
Welded threaded union

Bent To Shape
Tubular heating elements can be shaped to suit your requirements. We can manufacture and deliver special elements quickly and cost-effectively.

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