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- Model BTN - Heavy Duty Gravity Belt Thickener



The DEWA BTN L Heavy Duty Gravity Belt Thickener is a total enclosed unit designed to considerably increase the solid content of the sludge. The monocoque design feature enables odour containment within the unit and simplifies odour extraction via the vent pipe mount on the top cover. This revolutionary design concept offers a clean, odour-free and operator friendly environment.

The BTN  unit can be installed with a unique inflow arrangement in combination with a specially designed DEWA FP belt press, modeling it into a Combo Unit. This solution greatly increases the performances of the dewatering system because the thickened sludge obtained by the BTN L creates the best possible working condition for the belt press. This produces high solid content and high throughput with a minor polymer consumption.

Further, the machine's electrical components and bearings are mounted outside of the frame, enabling easy access to each individual component. Also, specially designed plows enable the opening and tuning of the sludge mat and help drain any excess water. The transverse beams mounted underneath the belt provide downward pressure for improved filtration and prevent formation of surface tension.

Optional Configurations

The DWA BTN L is available with various configurations such as Filtrate recycling systems, manual / automatic brush pipes, inline polymer injections, level probes, hydraulic and pneumatic type belt tracing / tensioning and PLC local controls etc.

Ultimate in performance and ease of use

An extra large gravity zone provides effective thickening even at high flow rates. A specially designed set of ploughs enable the opening and closing of the sludge mat and allow excess water to be kept away from the gravity zone. Transverse support beams, which are located underneath the filter cloth, provide a slight downward pressure for improved water removal and prevent the formation of surface tension.

Totally enclosed with discharge hopper

The totally enclosed monocoque design of the BTN L enables the containment of odour within the unit. The stored odour will be extracted through the eduction pipe located on top cover of the unit. The discharge hopper (chute) can integrate with the BTN L unit to allow a totally odour free environment form sludge feed to discharge end.

  1. Extra large filtration area designed to optimum thickening
  2. Adjustable and lift-up type ploughs to maximise the filtration
  3. Total enclosed structure facilitate odour and operator friendly environment
  4. Stainless steel odour enclosure with hinged doors (optional)
  5. Inbuilt reaction chamber for even distribution
  6. Enclosed sludge discharge hopper and level probe as an optional
  7. Large inspection hatches enables to observe functioning of the unit

  • High thickening capacity
  • Gentle dewatering
  • Minimum flocculent consumption, low solids load in filtrate
  • Thickening is effected by gravity only, no vacuum
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fully enclosed skid unit, made of stainless steel
  • Simple, reliable operation
  • Easy to combine with belt filter press DEWA FP models

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