Darling Pumps Pvt Ltd

Darling Pumps Pvt Ltd

Heavy Duty Submersible Cutter Pump



DARLING submersible Grinder pumps are designed to handle Waste water, Process water, Raw unscreened Sewage in all kind of Domestic, Municipal, Utility, & Industrial applications. Specially designed sharp cutters effectively cuts the fibrous / unscreened Sewage, big soft solids in to smaller particles and smoothen the flow. Inbuilt Strainer is provided as an added protection.

  • Economical, Compact and Sturdy.
  • Hardened alloy steel tri-blade cutters for effective cutting.
  • Cutter arrangement is such that it
  • generates almost 9000 chops
  • per mm.
  • Special motors with temperature,
  • sensing device to prevent dry
  • running, overloading or mechanica
  • jamming.
  • Choice of impellers and casing to meet various duty conditions.
  • Fast out (Guide rail) arrangement available up to pit depth of six meters.

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