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Heavy Machine Acoustic Enclosures



Acoustic enclosure for air compressor/wire bending machine consists of free standing acoustic enclosure with doors( normar acoustic door/acoustic sliding door, double glazed glass windows and ventilation system comprising of ventilation air intake silencer, ventilation air exhaust silencer and ventilation blowers. While designing the acoustic enclosures the maintenance requirement and ventilation requirement is always taken care. The openings required for suction and discharge pipelines on the acoustic enclosure are acoustically sealed to prevent noise leakages.

Since we work on customized solution as per client requirement our acoustic enclosure are inbuilt with vertical sliding door on front side with view panels, perfectly guided (by grooved pulley) for smooth friction less operation, operated by pneumatic cylinders with open and closed end limit switches and control, roof cutot,sliding roof with end to end control limit

We generally strive to reduce the noise level up to maximu level how much we can We have supplied & installed many Noise control room/ acoustic enclosure for heavy motor testing, wire bending machine, air compressorr and successfully achieved 30 dB(A) noise reduction threshold & noise measurement as per IS:12065-1987 clause No. 3.3.1

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