- Model HMS - Helideck Monitoring System



Accurate and reliable monitoring of the conditions on a helideck, combined with efficient distribution of relevant information to affected personnel, is vital to obtain safe end cost-efficient air-transport to offshore installations and vessels.

The Miros HMS is designed to be an integrated information system giving helicopter crews onshore direct access to real time and historical data from an unlimited number of helidecks having Miros HMS. This will ensure flight planning based on verifiable information. Relevant information is in addition presented to onboard deck-crews enabling last minute update to the flight-crews via radio immediately before landing and take of.

Data transfer to aviation weather services is also possible to enhance quality of weather forecasts.

Areas of use

  • Helidecks on fixed structures.
  • Helidecks on floating structures, with motion monitoring and interface to GPS and gyro added.

Wind, air temperature -humidity and -pressure sensors are for both types required as a minimum. Cloud, visibility and weather sensors can be added to obtain full Automatic Weather Observations (AWOS) capability. Automatic and semi-automatic METAR reporting can be added where required.

Information provided to

  • Management offices onshore.
  • Flight crews on heliports.
  • Onboard deck crews.
  • Aeronautical weather forecast offices.


Miros HMS is built around the same system core as Miros Met-Ocean Systems and a combined solution is feasible. Met-Ocean Systems Miros HMS complies fully with the newest specifications from Helicopter Operators in the North Sea. This specification has been recognized as a normative standard both by Norwegian and UK Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA). Standard for Helideck Monitoring Systems. Upgrade capabilities to meet coming requirements for MSI (Motion Severity Index) is built into the Miros HMS.

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