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Mixing is often at the heart of your process and optimised mixing can provide you with savings from several aspects:Shorter treatment times Less heating, etc. required. Fewer deposits Less waste to be treated A better quality product Higher added value A higher reaction efficiency Fewer by-products Lower power consumption Lower electricity consumption and better protection of the environment Reduced maintenance due to simple, reliable design Lower maintenance costs in terms of parts and labour.


To meet the requirements of the most common mixing applications and those which need to be set up quickly, Milton Roy Mixing has designed the HELISEM range of mixers. With 7 types of standard device, this range has the advantage of being an economical mixing solution with rapid delivery times (5 days for the most commonly used models).

HELISEM mixers provide a mixing solution for many different applications and business sectors: water treatment, chemicals, food processing industry, drinks, paper mills, surface treatment, processing of blood, agriculture, preparation of inks, resins, paints, detergents, soaps, to name but a few


With their quick, easy installation and low cost, HELISEM® mixers are also ideal for integration in preparation, mixing and/or dosing tanks and skids.

The Helisem range includes more than 250 standard models:

A wide range > 250 models in the catalogue

Robust design > Increased reliability

Thousands of applications > Multipurpose, versatile

More than 15,000 units sold > A competitive price

An extensive network > A contact near you

A short manufacturing lead time > Immediate availability

Volumes from 50 litres to 200 m3 > Whatever the size of your tank, there is a HELISEM® that is right for you

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