- Model 583 DL - Truck



Shrubs and standing timber up to approx. 560 mm diameter.Ideal machine for long, thick standing timber.Flexible working on both sides.Ideal for working in restricted spaces.Chipping in continuous operation.Large deployment radius.

  • chipper drive via high-powered add-on motor
  • blower drive via HGV motor
  • extreme high throughput rate
  • pivoted chipper
  • folding longitudinal draw-in and a shifted balance point of the machine reduces salience of the truck profile
  • Extremely large screening surface for best chip quality
  • enormous slewing capacity of screen basket hood for optimal access to the rotor and for changing the screen basket without using any tools
  • 80 km/h top speed

  • shrubs and standing timber up to approx. 560 mm diameter
  • high-powered chipping

  • hybrid technology for highest efficiency: chipper drive via high-powered add-on motor and blower drive via power takeoff shaft
  • high throughput rate
  • 1.20 m wide draw-in makes processing of bulky material easier
  • extra-large screen area for best chipping quality
  • enormous screen basket cover swivel capability for optimal accessibility of rotor and screen basket changing without tools

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