Hen Ag

Hen Ag

- Model SBA-T and SBA-F - Stone Crusher for Agricultur


This method of construction from stone crusher is built for crushing stones in agricultur developed and is there successfull in use.The aim is, big, for mechanikal manufactur from seedbed and at the automatical harvest disturbed Stones befor you crushed it, that the corresponding used maschines get no damage.The crushed stones, make an important contribution, through the crush process set minerals are free and have a heat retaining effect of the soil.The employment of the stonecrusher on the stone studdet fields have to be done when it's dry and befor you work with milling maschines and rotary harrows.

During plow at the  Surface worked big Stones Befor crushing.A stone strwed pace on a field befor crushing with the HEN-stone crusher SBA-T.You can see distinct how the big stones inthe ground worked.It where crushed and now the improved soil. An optimal work with the following maschines is now without any possible harm risk is now possible.

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