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- Model PRC4500 Series - Preset Pressure Regulator



The new PRC4500 Series Preset Pressure Regulator is a 1/2” low flow pressure regulator with a built in check valve. It will prevent line drainage from causing unwanted erosion and water puddles. This regulator works by remaining closed with no flow until the check valve opens. After opening, the sprinkler or watering system will operate at the selected preset pressure. Upon system shut down, the flow of water will stop when the inlet pressure drops below the preset pressure.

The PRC4500 is currently available in three pressures: 20, 30, and 40. It is designed for flows from .5 to 6 gpm.


  • For seedbed irrigation where sprinkler erosion is a problem.
  • Nursery watering when runoff is undesirable.
  • Especially useful when watering on hilly ground to prevent  line drainage.
  • When using fertigation systems to prevent mainline drainage.

The PRC4500 is specifically designed for use in agriculture, greenhouse, nursery and landscape. The PRC4500 is produced using the highest quality materials. Consistency and quality are our number one concern. Quality assurance for overall excellence, performance and durability are ongoing at Hendrickson Bros.

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