Atmospheric Water Solutions, Inc.,

- Model Pro II - HEPA Air Filter



A product of Atmospheric Water Solutions, Inc., the AquaBoyPro II draws in air through the HEPA air filter.  Water vapor in the air makes contact with stainless steel coils and condensation occurs, generating water that then goes through the remainder of the 7-stage EZ-Filter process producing up to 2 to 5 gallons of “purified great tasting water” per day with no chlorine, fluoride, lead, or other harmful ingredients. There’s no installation, just plug it into any 120V receptacle and follow the Quick Start instructions. It’s easy to operate, environmentally friendly, healthy and does not use our increasingly scarce groundwater resources.  This machine is UL LISTED and made with the highest quality parts, including stainless steel tanks and condensation coils.  2-year limited warranty.

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