- Model X-1000 - Hi-Capacity Whole House Water Filter



Get Healthy Water in Your Entire Home High Capacity, High Flow 6-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System 10 Year Capacity Guarantee. The media in the tank will last 10 years before it needs replacement. Compare that to 3-5 years for most other systems. Six-Month Satisfaction Guarantee In a recent survey, 100% of customers said they would recommend the X-1000 to a friend. 100%! Even we were pleasantly surprised. 1 Million Gallons of Filtration What are the unsurpassed features of the PurHome X-1000? The filtration design is like no other. We utilize the Vortech tank that lifts the media off the bottom of the tank to maintain high flow rates. In addition, it evenly disburses the water through the media for maximum contact time and maximum filtration. And, because we use an upflow design, the water flows upward which also prevents the possibility of water channeling and prevents filter media from packing.

  • For Homes Up to 5 Bathrooms
  • 10 Year Performance Guarantee
  • 6 Stages of Filtration to Filter Chlorine, Chloramines, Heavy Metals, VOCs
  • Designed for use on city (i.e. municipal) water
  • Cost of ownership less than $3/week


In addition to the Vortech® tank and upflow design, The X-1000 features the following 6 stages of filtration:

1. Sediment Filter.  Pleated design provides longer life than standard sediment filter, 5 micron and washable

2. Garnet.  Internal sediment filter and gravel support bed. Helps more evenly disburse water and maintain high flow rates.

3. NSF Certified KDF-55.  Filters chlorine, lead and other metals and inhibits bacteria growth

4. NSF Certified Bituminous Carbon.  Filters chlorine and light VOCs

5. NSF Certified Coconut Shell Carbon.  Filters heavier VOCs

6. NSF Certified Carbonsorb Catalytic Carbon.  Filters chloramines and chlorine by-products like THMs and HAA5s

The PurHome X-1000 High Capacity, High Flow Whole Home Water Filter System is designed to provide the highest quality water with an amazing filtration capacity of 1,000,000 gallons -- 10 years for the average household.

Built-in bypass for ease of installation and maintenance. The PurHome X-1000 features 6 stages for maximum filtration to filter chlorine and chlorine by-products like THMs as well as chloramines, lead and other heavy metals, VOCs and SOCs including pesticides, herbicides, benzene, MTBE, and much more. With over 98 pounds of NSF® Certified premium water filtration medias, you can be assured of crystal clear, great tasting, healthful water throughout your entire home.

Great for larger homes or large families that require higher flow rates than standard filtration systems or those who want a ten year performance guarantee.

X-1000 Benefits

  • Crystal-clear, odor-free water throughout your entire home for just cents per day
  • Purified, healthy water for cooking, showering and drinking
  • Chlorine-free water for softer hair and skin
  • Clothes will be brighter with less fading
  • Extends the life of water-using appliances
  • Water heaters operate more efficiently
  • Maintains healthy minerals
  • Does not promote bacterial growth
  • Provides healthy water for pets
  • No Electricity No Backwashing (no water waste)
  • Easy to install, built-in by-pass
  • Low Maintenance with a washable and reusable pre-filter (can wash several times before needing to replace)
  • 10-year Performance Guarantee on Media
  • 10 Year Warranty on Components

  • Dimensions: Main unit is 54' H, 13' in diameter; pre-filter is 12' H x 8' in diameter
  • Filter maintenance: Filter Media in tank should be replaced every 10 years, pre-filter cleaned every 6 months and replaced as needed.
  • Flow Rate: 10-12 gpm

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