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- Model CF-900 Series (NRTL) - Low Cost, Portable HI-Vol Air Sampler



This Low-Cost/High-Performing Air Sampling System is ideal for radioiodine and particulate grab & continuous duty air sampling. The CF-900 Series air samplers are packaged in rugged aluminum enclosures weighing less than 10 pounds. Its' light weight yet durable frame allows a single operator to transport, set up, and take a sample quickly in almost any conditions. Order the unit which best fits your needs; specify desired flow range, volumetric units (CFM or LPM), and intended filter collection media. DIGITAL Series, Digital Display of Flow Rate, Total Volume, Min/Max Flow and Optional Total Volume Shut Off feature.

  • Dependable Low-Cost/High-Performance Air Sampling!
  • 2-Stage Blower, Brushed Motor
  • Manual Speed Control
  • Elapsed, Resettable, Electronic Timer
  • Instantaneous Flow Reading
  • For Continuous or Intermittent Use
  • Portable/Rugged Housing Weighing Less Than 10 Pounds
  • NRTL listed Models: CF-901, CF-902, & CF-903
  • Total Volume Shut Off Option (-TS) for Digital Series Samplers.

  • Motor/Pump:Brushed, 2-Stage Centrifugal Blower.
  • Housing:8¼” x 10” x 11½”, aluminum cabinet, primed and painted with two component polyurethane paint.
  • Max Flow Rate: (CF-901) 12 CFM (w/ FP2063-20) & 6.5 CFM (w/ FP5211-20)
  • Max Flow Rate: (CF-902)35 CFM (w/ FP2063-102) & 22 CFM (w/ FP5211-102)
  • Elapsed Timer:Electronic, Resettable Hours & Tenths of Hours, LCD read out, 5 year internal battery. Minute timer upon request.
  • Unit Net Weight:9.5 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight & Dimensions:12 lbs., one box. 11¼” x 10” x 13¼”
  • CF-900-Series Power Specifications:115 VAC, 50/60Hz, 15.0 Amp 230 VAC, 50/60Hz, 7.0 Amp
  • Filter Holders & Adapters:See Filter Holders
  • Flow Calibrator:See Air Flow Calibrators
  • Filter Paper:See Filter Paper For Air Sampling
  • Filter Cartridges:See Analytical Cartridges
  • Annular Kinetic Impactors:See Size Selective Inlets

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