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- Model pQA - Portable Quadrupole Analyser



The Hiden pQA portable gas analyser is a versatile mass spectrometer and offered with a range of interchangeable sampling inlets to suit a broad application range. MIMS inlets are offered for analysis of dissolved species in ground water, fermentation cultures, soil samples, and general applications where analysis of dissolved species in liquid sample is required. The system is suited to gas analysis applications, where sample volume is small, and for environmental applications where detection of low concentration levels is required.

The pQA system has a mass range of 200 amu and sub ppb detection levels. Extended mass range to 300amu is optional.

The system is supplied in a Pelican® case and can be powered by a 12 V supply for field use, battery and/or solar powered, or a 220 V supply for laboratory use.

The system offers the facility for analysis to sub-ppb (parts per billion) levels and is suited to gas analysis applications where sample volume is small and for environmental applications where detection of a low concentration level is required. Both dissolved species probe inlets and circular membrane carrier inlets are available to address a broad range of applications. The inlet probe uses a special membrane that allows small levels of the dissolved species to pass through it and into the ion source of a high precision quadrupole mass spectrometer.

A manual isolation valve allows for control of the sampling and a solenoid safety valve provides protection for the mass spectrometer and vacuum system in case of membrane failure.

  • Analysis of dissolved species with mass range 200 amu (300 amu option)
  • Sub parts per billion detection levels
  • High precision and stability species ratio measurements (e.g. marine de-nitrification studies)
  • Soil core analysis
  • Fermentation process analysis
  • Water analysis in estuary, river or reservoir
  • Groundwater contamination studies
  • Methane production control
  • Microbiological/enzyme activity studies
  • Environmental monitoring

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