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- Model G4 - High Capacity Water Proof Pre-Filters



Panels series is comparable to pocket filter dust holding capacity, is small in size, has a rigid construction and is unaffected by turbulence. The filtration material is treated with a waterproof layer that prevents water droplets passing through the filter.This Pre-Filter series consists of two grades G4 and F5. Filter material is a non-woven, self-supporting, depth loading polyester mix, which is pleated and supported with spacing combs. The pleats are fixed to a polystyrol frame with polyurethane potting.The filter material is fabricated specially according to Eagle Filters' specifications, which gives optimum filtration capabilities, high dust holding capacity, low initial pressure drop and rigid pleating.

In both G4 and F5, the material can be waterproofed to prevent airborne droplets (and in the case of pre-filter, coalesced droplets) passing through the filtration material. In this way the main filters can be protected against water generated pressure drop rise and mechanical stress. This waterproof treatment generates minimum additional initial pressure.Panels Pre-FiIter series has a proven record of a long service life and high efficiency at several gas turbine power plants in the most demanding environmental conditions.In 95% of cases PanelS-Filters can replace existing pre-filters without any change of construction to the existing mounting frame. The frames can be fabricated of polystyrol, steel or stainless steel.

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