Universal Blower Pac, Inc.

- High Efficiency Screw Blower System


Our Patented EE-PAC is a high efficiency screw blower system providing the efficiency of a turbo blower over a 5:1 turndown, but without risk of surge or complex controls. It is a 100% oil-free screw compressor directly coupled with a DC motor and on-board variable speed drive. This blower system is designed for optimal efficiency, higher performance ranges, easier maintenance, and longer life capabilities over other competing systems. EE-PAC is up to 35% more efficient than traditional positive displacement blower systems (PD blowers). With a full enclosure, on-board controls, and optional instrumentation package, the EE-PAC has everything you need to maximize energy savings.

  • All enclosures suitable for indoor or outdoor installation with starting temperatures as low as -20 F
  • Direct drive coupling provides a lossless power transmission. No belt drive maintenance needed. Increases life of equipment
  • Utilizes exclusive SR Motor Technology. Higher electrical efficiency and lower maintenance
  • Variable speed drive panel basic I/O on base model and complex control with instrumentation package
  • Instrumentation located for ease of operation. Pressure, temperature and vacuum indicator. Inputs & outputs for control and feedback from plant control system
  • Configured for front access and easy maintenance. Additional removable panels can be added for rear accessibility if desired
  • Intake and ventilation are internally baffled to ensure low noise
  • Forklift slots for easy installation of our ‘plug and play’ design are covered


>> Drastically reduce operating costs

>> Increased functionality

  • Advanced Screw technology compressor offers a wider turndown range than a turbo or multi-stage blower and with no drive losses
  • Positive displacement allows for steady efficiency over entire operating range
  • Lower noise levels

>> Reliable and improved longevity: EE-PAC handles higher pressures and temperature ranges to ensure longer lasting performance


>> Direct coupling – No belt tightening or replacement needed

>> No hidden refit or rebuild charge. Unit can be repaired without need for full replacement

>> Coupling drive eliminates power transfer losses

>> Local service throughout the United States

>> Onboard control system makes monitoring easy both locally and remotely


>> Engineered with SR Motor Technology exclusively in the US with Universal Blower Pac

>> Achieves higher electrical efficiency

>> Robust design and flexible operation


>> Engineered with Universal Blower Pac’s high quality noise enclosure – Includes high density acoustic foam with removable panels for easy access

>> Enclosure is powder coated aluminum and steel for robust use

>> Durable in corrosive environments

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