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Model FM-1100 & FM-1127 Series - High Flow Capacity Flowmeters



The FM-1100 and FM-1127 Series Flowmeters are offered as a simplified solution to the problem of fluid flow indication at higher flow capacity levels than the FM-1050 and FM-1000 Series Flowmeters. These meters are designed to withstand the physical abuse and environmental corrosion of industrial applications. The FM-1100 is available in several ranges of 70mm direct reading scales, and the FM-1127 in 127mm direct reading scales. Choose between English or Metric units. A one-piece aluminum channel frame encloses the end blocks, fittings and glass metering element for maximum meter protection and safety. Eight standard connection variations are made possible by three off-the-shelf end block configurations.

The precision tapered metering tube has integral float guides to ensure float fidelity. The scale is permanently screened on an acrylic window inset in the meter case which makes it interchangeable for economical alteration of meter applications. A float/scale correlation symbol is marked on the window to eliminate error during application changes. The reading edge of the machined float provides precision read-out delineation. Reading edge instructions are also screened on the scale window.

  • Precision tapered, fluted metering tube
  • Fully protected assembly using aluminum meter case
  • Unobstructed flow path area for low pressure drop increases available flow rates at low feed pressures
  • Precision machined float
  • Spring float stops absorb line shock
  • Float/Scale correlation symbol and float reading edge instructions permanently screened on meter window
  • Corrosion resistant option: all wetted parts of 316 stainless steel with Viton or EPR seals
  • Custom scales and flow curves available

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