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Model HFX - High Flow Ion-Exchange Water Purification System



Designed  to produce deionized water by either closed-loop rinsewater recycling or from potable feed water as alternative to service deionization exchange.

Available as standard systems utilizing multiple integrated skids configured as necessary to meet flow rates from 35- to 135-gpm or higher flows with custom engineering, the HFX utilizes Feed-forward grain counting, packed-bed resin, and counter-current regeneration for unsurpassed efficiency and water quality.

 Typical recycling or deionization applications have feed water with a TDS concentration of less than 450 mg/l. Standard systems produce deionized water with less than 2 mg/l of TDS.

Each recycling HFX system includes a system feed tank, simplex or duplex feed pumps, optional minimum-duplex multimedia filters, minimum-duplex carbon filters, minimum- duplex bag filters, duplex cation and duplex anion exchangers, simplex or duplex DI water supply pump, and a DI water holding tank with UV sterilizer.

 Assuming a minimum 60-psi pressurized  water feed and that product water would be sent directly to use, an HFX system for potable water deionization doesn’t require a feed tank or pumps but is otherwise designed and configured the same as a recycling HFX.

 Beyond providing high quality water the HFX with an operating cost of just over $4 per 1,000 gallons processed is up to 95% less costly than SDI.


  • Simplex Systems have single cation and anion resin tanks, the smallest footprint and lowest cost of any of our systems but require an adequately-sized DI storage tank to assure a continuous supply of water during regeneration.
  • Duplex Systems have two cation and two anion resin tanks each assuring a continuous supply of deionized water. Duplex Series systems are designed for facilities that have planned shutdowns, allowing infrequent maintenance to occur during those times.
  • Duplex Plus systems are designed for facilities that operate 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Infrequent maintenance can take place with the system in operation.The footprint for Duplex Plus Series systems is larger than Duplex systems with the same capacity.

 Different applications have different requirements. That’s why we created three designs from which you can choose.

  • Electroplating
  • Metal Finishing
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Electronics Components
  • Paint & Powder Coating
  • Aerospace Anodizing
  • Parts Washing & Phosphating

  • Acid Copper Rinses
  • Electrolytic Nickel Rinses
  • Tin/Lead Rinses
  • Chrome Rinses
  • Electroless Cu & Ni Rinses

Simplex System Design

Each system uses one tank of both cation and anion resin, providing continuous operation, except during regeneration.


Allows remote system monitoring and control by customer and WI for ongoing support.

PLC Control and User-Friendly Interface

Any system condition that requires operator attention is alarmed and indicated on the panel. System setpoints protected) by the operator without PLC programming.
Duplex System Design

Each system uses two tanks of both cation and anion resin, providing continuous operation, even during regeneration.

Application-specific Resins

Each resin is carefully selected by our engineers to match the specific demands of each application.

Feed Forward Control
Monitoring feed water conductivity and flow to control regenerations reduces chemical consumption and waste while producing high quality water at a reduced operating cost.
Countercurrent Regeneration

Uses 50% less chemicals & 60% less waste than conventional deionization systems, lowering operating cost

Skid Mounted / Pre-piped

Skid-mounted and pre-assembled requiring minimal floor space for quick installation and relocation.


We guarantee, in writing, the performance of every system we sell, assuring you of our commitment to reliable operation

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