Gauging Systems Inc.

- Model 4100 - High Level Alarm Switch (HLAS)



The GSI HLAS “High Level Alarm Switch” is a secondary device for the prevention of tank overflow during movements. It is completely independent from the primary level or mass tank gauging system. Thus, if the primary system fails, the secondary system is still intact to prevent mishap. The GSI-HLAS is available in one or two point switches (alarms) and is activated by either the liquid surface creating buoyancy of the displacer(s) or the roof (Internal or External) lifting the displacer(s).

  • Roof mounted level alarm switch, one or two alarm levels, single or redundant relay outputs per alarm level
  • No balanced armatures, No terminal strips, No Mercury wetted relays, No Lead displacers (sinkable)...
  • Phoenix connectors for connection to field wiring, Redundant Reed Relays are used, Self checking configuration
  • 1-1/4' NPT Standard mounting, Optional flange mountings 2', 4', or 6', Atmospheric and high pressure switches available.
  • Aluminum housing, Stainless Steel Cable and clamps, and the Displacer(s) available in Teflon, PVC, and SS

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