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- Model NM Series - High Output Nitrogen Generators



Peak Scientific High Output Nitrogen systems are designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and come with or without a built-in air compressor. The NM Series Nitrogen Generators with compressor produce flow rates of between 18L/min and 32L/min. Larger systems, up to 420L/min., are available

The NM Series High Output Nitrogen Generators use hollow fiber membrane technology to efficiently separate nitrogen from other gases in air to produce a continuous high flow supply of high purity nitrogen for use in LC/MS systems using either APCi or ESi modes. The Peak High Output Nitrogen Generators are easy to use and install in minutes.

  • Built in air compressor: Optional
  • Dry Nitrogen: -40°C / -40°F PDP
  • Easy installation: 'Plug and Play' No special installation.
  • 24 hour supply: Continuous gas supply
  • Purity: Constant purity with no fall off in performance.
  • Quiet: Locate directly in the lab
  • Safe and cost effective: Replace cylinders.
  • Mobile: Move to suit your requirements
  • Experience: Over 10,000 systems installed worldwide.
  • Design: Specifically for LC/MS/MS

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