Azzuro, Inc.

Azzuro, Inc.

High Performance Bioreactors - Removing H2S and Odor


In the almost 20 years that we have been active in biological odor control we always have found ways to improve our technology and by doing so improved our products and made them more economical.

A list of patents and competitors following our lead are proof of our innovative power. Our latest invention has lifted our technology to the next level. Are biotrickling filters (again based on our patent) known for good performance on H2S removal we now have extended that performance to excellent odor removal.

The new range of biotrickling filters, our Torrenta’s, are high performance bioreactors. Not only do they remove H2S, they are also designed to remove ODOR!

This multi-stage biotrickling reactor optimizes the most efficient contact time with the highest contact area available in the market. Clear stage segregation allows to create the perfect environment to remove the reduced sulfur compounds and VOC’s whilst ammonia and H2S are being removed at the first stage.

Be impressed with its overall high performance: it has the smallest footprint, lowest energy cost, no media replacements, zero chemicals, yet the HIGHEST ODOR REMOVAL per reactor volume. This all at the lowest cost for reliable odor control ever seen!

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