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CVB Valves

High Performance Butterfly Valves (HP)



Butterfly valve for High Performance with metal seated or elastomer with double off-set ( H.P. butterfly valves ) have a wider diffusion in all the applications where there are higher requirements compared to the ones related to the conventional rubber lined butterfly while they present same advantages compared to other conventional valves as far as weight and ease to automate are concerned.

Their utilization as either isolation and control valves ranges through different type of applications and fluids in the process lines. They can satisfy specific requirements in the iron and steel, ship building, food and beverege, chemical and petrochemical, steam and power plant, vacuum systems, district heating, gas plant. Main features and benefits are:

  • Compact size and light weight
  • Top flange in according to EN/ISO 5211
  • Single piece valve body with override safety block
  • Single piece shaft made of 17-4 PH which gives max. rigidity made in such a way it does not require any
  • maintenance, longer lenght, protection against corrosion, stability at high temperatures shaft bearings in PTFE coated NI-Resist or SS , to assure a perfect centered assembly.
  • Thrust bearing shaft with anti blow out safety ring
  • Seat in PTFE,AISI 316 o INCONEL, pressure assisted, allows a tight shut-off with all working pressure.
  • seat retainer ring in AISI 316 ensures the seat stability.
  • Seat, in addition, has a grafoil gasket which can ensure leakage seal through it and is kept in its position by the retainer ring which protects from erosion and abrasion for long operating life.
  • Even in case of long idle time the thightness is ensured because its stability and there is any difficulty for the valve to operate.
  • Shaft and disc offsets allow low operating torques because they make possible a fast detachment from the seat while it is opening with lower frictions reducing its wear allowing, meanwhile, a flow characteristic curve with, almost, an equal percentage shape.

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